our chef’s





Executive Chef 

Trevon Stoute

Chef Trevon Stoute brings 10 years of cooking experience to Pavao and a passion from working is some of the most renowned restaurants across Barbados. At the young age of 25, Trevon obviously does not take his culinary calling lightly. Since being appointed Executive Chef of Pavao in 2017, Chef Trevon brings his passion and refined culinary talent to your tables: he is an award-winning Bajan Chef who creates culinary delights with local ingredients, imaginative and careful spice all emphasizing fresh and local Caribbean values.  Chef Trevon’s food is tasty and beautiful as he fuses taste, texture and tradition to everything he creates. As a culinary artist, a proud Bajan and a technical expert, Chef Trevon epitomizes our mission and vision to create “correct Bajan” food.






























Sous Chef 

Marvin Applewhaite

Marvin Applewhaite was appointed Sous Chef of Pavao in 2017. Marvin has incorporated his passion for different flavours, seasonal ingredients and detail presentation with his love of cuisine and, like Chef Trevon, has worked at many of the best restaurants in Barbados. As a masterful chef, Chef Marvin also brings his gregarious personality to our kitchen and offerings. Food made with serious intent and joy is Marvin’s speciality which makes your food remarkable. When you pass by the manor kitchen you will often hear the uproarious laughter of Chef Marvin which means you’re in for a real treat.



Corporate Chef 

Sean Cunningham

Chef Sean Cunningham was brought to PAVAO in 2018 as the corporate chef/ consultant from Toronto, Canada. As the “old guy”, chef Sean brings 35 years of experience to the team from Canada where he ran many successful restaurants and a boutique hotel. Working with Chef’s Trevon and Marvin, Sean brings years of knowledge and experience to the team and an international perspective to the teams Bajan culinary creations.