65 per person
manor breads

A selection fresh artisanal breads served warm with your choice of churned butter or our selection of flavored oils from our in-house bakery.

sweetfield’s pastries

Our daily selection of delectable pastries served fresh with our homemade jams or preservatives.


Made holistically with fresh oats, toasted almonds, warm spices and organic honey our homemade granola is an experience within itself.

fresh fruit

Freshly prepared fruit sourced from our local suppliers shows vibrance and disperses unbelievable freshness

 cold cuts

Chef’s Selection of cooked and cured meats served cold with cornichons.

chef’s hot plate

Daily chef’s rendition of creative hot feature which features ingredients from our partnering local farms and produce providers.

coffee & teas

Ground Italian Lavazza coffee beans or boutique loose leaf Sloane Tea brewed to your preference.







Soupe Chaude   15

Selection of fresh garden vegetables blended into a smooth vegetable soup drizzled with olive oil.


Courtyard Caesar Salad   25

Crisp romaine lettuce drizzled with our homemade Caesar dressing accented with artisanal croutons and shaved aged parmesan.


Greek Salad   28

Fresh yam house greens, cherry tomatoes, olives, cucumbers and sliced red onions tossed finished with a lemon and herb dressing and finished with crumbled feta.


Fresh Catch Ceviche   30

Fresh market fish of the day marinated in a citrus and scotch bonnet puree and herb blend, layered on top fresh salad leaves and garnished with a lime wedge.



All sandwiches are served with Sweetfield’s steak cut fries or our garden-fresh mixed salad


Ostin’s Market Fish Sandwich   30

Served with house-made tartar, sliced tomatoes, thin cucumbers, fresh lettuce and laid on a warm manor bun.


PAVÃO Lamb Burger   49

6 oz. chargrilled black belly lamb patty layered on a rosemary ciabatta square with farm fresh greens, cucumber and balsamic tomatoes, topped with goat’s cheese and parsley cream.


Sweetfield Stuffed Ranch Burger   35

8 oz. Panko crusted Angus beef burger stuffed with Havarti cheese and bacon bits laid on our sesame seed manor bun, topped with thyme scented caramelized onions and finished with a garlic aioli and fresh greens.


lunch grains
Market Cous Cous   35

Israeli cous cous tossed with hints of cumin, dried cranberries and apricots sautéed with fresh field vegetables, drizzled with fresh pesto and topped with toasted almonds.

Pasta   25

Penne pasta served with your choice of creamy garlic & cheddar or Italian San Marzano tomato sauce.


flat breads
Pull Pork And Garlic Flatbread   40

Served with farm fresh arugula, garlic aioli and topped with cheddar.

Mediterranean Flatbread   32

Served with olives, sundried tomatoes, red onions and finished with a drizzle of pesto.

Margherita Flat Bread   20

Served with farm fresh arugula, with garlic aioli and topped with cheddar.


Coconut Coated Plantain   15
Hot Field Vegetable Bowl   10
Garlic Parmesan Fries   15
Coriander Basmati Rice   15



Endless Sweetfield Breadsticks + Manor Iced Tea With Unlimited Refills   8

























75 per person


On Arrival

Lemongrass Misted Cold Towels On Arrival

Complimentary Sweetfield Sangria

Infused Water


On Your Tower

Smoked Salmon And Zested Cream Cheese Rolls

Hickory Smoked Bacon Infused Devilled Eggs

Pulled Pork Stuff Buns

Crushed Avocado And Cucumber Pickle Crostini’s

Sour Sop Brulee Tartlets

Spice Scented Scones With Clotted Cream & House made Strawberry Jam


In Your Pot

Your Selection Of Sloane Fine Tea


Black Tea – Steeps In 6 Mins

Bold Breakfast- Rich & Classic Black Tea.

Blood Orange Oolong – Sweet Tropical Oolong Tea.

Earl Grey Classic – Bergamot Cloaked Black Tea.

Masala Chai Classic – Indian Spiced Black Tea.

Signature Black – Darjeeling & Assam Black Tea.

Mint Chocolate – Cocoa-Mint Infused Black Tea.

Rouge Provence – Rooibos & French Florals.


White Tea – Steeps In 4 Mins

Jasmine Mist – Jasmine Scented Green Tea.

Silver Mist – White Tea & Mint.

Peaches & Cream – Sweet & Delicate White Tea.


Herbal Tea – Steeps In 6 Mins.

Tropical Green – Green Tea & Tropical Fruit.

Coconut Almond – Rooibos & Nutty Notes.

Vanilla Bean Roobois – Sweet & Smooth Vanilla Tisane.

Ginger Twist – Warming Ginger Tisane.

Marrakesh Mint – Rooibos & Mint Medley.

Mint Verbena – Mint & Soft Citrus.



kids menu
35 per person

All orders come with a soft drink / juice and a portion of ice-cream


Your Choice of 1 Dish

Tomato Pasta

Pasta with Butter and Cheese

Pasta Bolognese

Chips With Chicken

Chips With Fish

























brunch bites
Simply Eggs        13

2 Eggs Any Style Served With Butter Grilled Toast


Frijoles Con Huevos        16

Our Homemade Baked Beans Served With 2 Poached Eggs And Butter Grilled Toast


Open Faced Keto Avocado Toast        15

Fresh Avocado Mash With A Hint Of Lemon And Cilantro Served Atop Grilled Fresh Bread

Bagel Basics        13

Chargrilled Bagel Served With Herbed Cream Cheese And A Portion Of Homemade Berry Jam

Eggs Benedict        30

Cassava & Tarragon Muffin, Chargrilled Ham Served With Soft Poached Eggs And A Dollop Of Hollandaise Sauce


Crusted Thai Tempura Fishcake        32

Layed On Crisp Salad Drizzled With Lemon Dressing And Served With Rustic Caper Sauce


Mango Breakfast Parfait        20

Layered Mango Custard With Spiced Granola And Fresh Berries


Warm Cornbread        12

Warm Manor Cornbread Served With Fresh Organic Honey Comb

Passion Fruit Panna Cotta Coupe        14

Chilled Italian Vanilla Panna Cotta With A Topped With Passion Fruit Arabesque


Baked Beans        10
2 Farm Fresh Eggs Of Your Choice        10
Garlic And Rosemary Roasted Potatoes        10
Garden Salad        10
Chargrilled Balsamic Tomatoes        10


bigger brunch bites
Garden Bagel        28

Tomato, Guacamole, Cucumber, Feta Cheese, Fresh Green And Rosemary Grilled Aubergine


Bagel Of Manor        30

Chargrilled Bagel Filled With Barbecue Chicken, Bacon, Fried Egg, Fresh Greens, Tomato And Garlic Aioli


Smoked Salmon Pancake        34

Citrus Pancake, Parsley And Chive Cream Cheese, Scottish Smoked Salmon


Petite Caprese Salad        40

Mozzarella Di Bufala, grilled Tomato Slices, Drizzled With Fresh Pesto And Toasted Pine Nuts Finished With Fresh Basil Leaves And Balsamic Reduction


Brooklyn Style Crispy Chicken N’ Waffle        59

Thyme And Sweet Potato Waffles Crowned With Crispy Buttermilk Chicken, Canadian Maple Syrup Drizzle, And Farm Fresh Arugula


Pavao’s Four-Pickled Platter        56

Spicy Lean Pickled Pork, Spicy Caribbean Bujold And Market Fish Ceviche With Herb Infused Sweet potato Mousse Served Pickled Ground Provisions


Correct Steak & Egg        80

6Oz. Pan Seared New York Steak Topped With Soft Poached Egg, Sautéed Greens And Truffled Steak Cut Fries


Parisienne Waffles        20

Two Manor Waffles Served With Fresh Whipped Cream And Canadian Maple Syrup























the courtship / appetizers
Soupe Chaude   20

Steaming garden soup made with all local vegetables and chefs’ special touch and served with fresh micro greens and cracked black pepper.


Sopa De Creme De Amêijoas   34.50

Our house mussels/clams and lobster chowder made with sweet potato and coconut chowder base and saffron. Served with chive tea biscuit.


Dutch East Indies Sashimi   39.50

Indonesian mango, coconut and sweet snow pea coleslaw with citrus vinaigrette, local tuna sashimi and wasabi sphere.


Sweetfield Ceviche   29

Fresh, local market fish ceviche served with brunoises cucumber, citrus, sweet potato pieces, chargrilled toast and finished with fresh lime wedge & citrus salt.


Jumbo Coconut Prawn Cocktail   39.50

Served with our spicy pineapple salsa and parsley yogurt.


The Pavão Caesar    27.50

Fresh sliced romaine leaves served with local avocado slices, cherry tomatoes, homemade thyme scented croutons, Sweetfield’s signature Caesar dressing and accented with a soft poached egg*. *(optional)


Salad Verde    30

Medley of fresh spinach, kale and baby arugula with snow peas, cucumber ribbons and shaved green cauliflower & green apples. Drizzled with lemon and herb vinaigrette, topped with chai seeds and micro greens.


Under Pressure   24

Compressed spice-infused cantaloupe carpaccio with crispy prosciutto crumble, gorgonzola cream and baby arugula.


Saigon Duck Pudding   32

Handmade Asian style rice paper dumpling stuffed with shredded five spice duck confit, sauteed carrot, red cabbage, ginger and hoisin drizzled with crunchy chili garlic rum compote and fresh curled scallion.


Mahārājan Crêpe   30

Frizzled handmade lemongrass crepe stuffed with curried chicken, topped with =mango raisin chutney and savory coconut reduction.


Correct Éclair   30

Hauté Bajan pickled pork souse served in a scotch bonnet and parsley choux pastry puff, with herbed sweet potato mousse.


Manor Charcuterie Platter   42

A selection of our finest housemade meats including chef’s smoke-scented liver pâté and dry aged Italian prosciutto. Charcuterie platter is served with house baked bread, churned butter and cornichons.


the dance / mains
Bajan Confit   60

Green salt crispy duck leg confit with wild rice, aromatic bock choy sauté, lentil bora bean ragu and orange Ivy sauce.


Festa de Gaúcho   99

Grilled, dry-aged Certified Angus Prime Ribeye steak served with forked tarragon potato, crispy parmesan onion ring, poached asparagus and red wine rosemary jus.


Agneau Arabe   70

Moroccan spice infused lamb rack served with Casablanca couscous, cherry tomato confit and ground provisions stew.


Low and Slow Pork Ribs   70

Savoury and sweet slow cooked bone-in pork back ribs served on crispy garlic risotto with Port thyme brown sugar sauce and honey charred scotch bonnet pepper.


Champignons et Poulet   72

Flame grilled halal boneless chicken breast stuffed with mushroom duxelles and asparagus spears layed on creamy cepes drunken Italian egg pappardelle and finished with shaved, aged parmesan.


Pasta Di Mare   64

Seared mammoth scallops and seared prawns served on Italian linguine with San Marzano tomato ragout, chopped Caribbean sea cat, grilled lemon and crispy basil.


Bacalhau Bouillabaisse   55

Seared catch, scallop and bivalve Smokey tomato bouillabaisse served with nuggets of rout veg and “spot on” field carrots.


Twisted Fish   70

Savoury rice flour-battered seasonal whole fish catch served with sweet potato and yam croquettes, house tartar sauce, spicy pineapple relish and tropical coleslaw.


Chargrilled Catch Of The Day   55

Sweet potato pont neuf, petite salad verde, coconut crusted plantain served with our special Manor tartar sauce.


Coconut Crusted Plantains   15
Coriander Basmati Rice   15
Steamed Garden Vegetables   15
Side Salad   15
Steak Cut Fries    15
Sweet Potato Pont Neuf    15


sweet endings / desserts
Manor Mousse   24

Our dark Belgian chocolate mousse layered above rum soaked honey cake vanilla crème brûlée. This signature dessert is finished with a peacock biscuit.


Apple Tart Trifle   22

Our apple trifle tart with granola crumble, spiced mauby cream in a sweet potato short crust.

Seasonal Sorbets   16

2 spheres of the different sweet kitchen’s pure fruit ices with fresh fruit and biscuit.

Manor Ice Cream   16

Ask your server about available flavours.

Pavão Flourless Chocolate Cake   24

A rich Belgian chocolate, flourless medallion served with coconut sorbet and chocolate ganache.


Rum Raisin Carrot Cheese Cake   22

Rich layers of our carrot cake and cheese cake with salted caramel.


Warm Citrus & Dark Chocolate Bread Pudding   20

Served with Manor made rum and raisin ice-cream.


Cheese Platter For Two   32

A selection of Manor cheeses for two people including fresh fruit, berries and crackers.













Sunday Super Platter


Soup of The Day   15


Served with Your Choice Of Endless Sides*
Seafood Platter   90

Poached Lobster With Garlic Butter, Coconut Crusted Prawns, Chargrilled Catch


Sunday Food Platter   80

Baked Chicken, Grilled Catch Of The Day, Chargrilled Spare Ribs


Pork ‘Mout’ Platter   75

Grilled BBQ Spare Ribs


Pesco Filler   70

Grilled Catch Of The Day, Tartar Sauces


Chicken Platter   65

Roasted ½ Chicken


Vegetable Platter   50

Tempura Vegetable Bits, Sweet Potato Pie, Roasted Potatoes & Root Vegetables


endless sides

Rice and Peas / Macaroni Pie / Sweet Potato Pie / Steamed Vegetables / Coleslaw
Spiced Tempura Plantain / Sweet Corn Cob / Tossed Salad / Potato Salad / 3 Bean Salad


Selection Of Ice-creams    10

Vanilla, Coconut, Strawberry, Chocolate

Dark Chocolate and Coconut Cake   20
Brûléed Soursop Tart   20
Bread Pudding    15

Served With Vanilla Ice cream